Selling on Velvet Garden

Anyone can sell on Velvet Garden! Please download our Seller Form to get started, or click on the form (below). 

*Note: If you have trouble working with .pdf  files, please email me to receive a Word version of the form.


Posting Fees

After your item(s) are approved, a small posting fee is required to sell your items on Velvet Garden. 
Items are kept on Velvet Garden for 1 full YEAR, (but they typically sell long before then.)

The posting fee is 10% of the asking price of your item. Example: If you are selling one item for $30, then the posting fee would be $3. 

There is a minimum posting fee of $1 for each item - so if you want to sell something for $8, the posting fee for that item would be $1 (rather than 80 cents).

Posting fees are paid in-advance and are non-refundable.

PLEASE NOTE: New items are posted every week on Sunday afternoon / evening. You must email your items to me by Friday at midnight for them to go up on Sunday. If they are received after that time, they will be posted the following week. 

Benefits of Selling on Velvet Garden 

  • Effective Advertising - Your item will be advertised to over 8,000 individuals on the Velvet Garden Mailing List as soon as it is posted! You can't get that kind of targeted marketing on auction sites where buyers have to search for your items. Auction sites do not compare to this service!

  • Generous Timeframe - Your items will be listed on Velvet Garden for one full YEAR! Auction sites typically only give you 1-2 WEEKS and then charge you re-listing fees.

  • Fast Sales - Because there is no bidding, items often sell very quickly. Popular items will often sell the same day they are posted.

  • No Re-Listing Hassles - If a buyer doesn't send payment, your item will still be listed on Velvet Garden, so you won't have to deal with re-listing hassles or pay any extra fees.

  • Less Stress - Since this is not an auction site, you can name your own price and wait for a buyer to agree to it. Sellers know exactly what their items will sell for, and buyers know exactly what they will be paying. You can also name your own selling terms, (such as your return policy). There are no "one size fits all" selling terms on Velvet Garden. 

  • Website Integrity - Velvet Garden is incredibly well-established. It has been online since August 1998 (over 15 years!) and has an amazing customer base. 

  • Free Image Hosting - All images are hosted on our servers. Once you send the images in, you don't need to worry about them.

  • No Hidden Fees - You never have to give out your credit card number, or worry about hidden fees. The posting fee is paid once - up front - and there are no other charges or closing fees to worry about.

“Velvet Garden is a very smooth-running machine which offers an excellent alternative venue for the buying and selling of Gothic what-nots. The level of communication between sellers and store owner/diva is a much-appreciated change from the Ebayesque ambiance of other auction sites/online stores.”
— Morbid Outlook